Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wisdom of two years in university...

If you are a follower of this blog you already know that I'm currently an undergraduate in the Faculty of science of University of Colombo.. So I'll be starting my junior year in the university in next month and I wanted to share things I wish I knew in my freshman and sophomore years. I can only show you the way and it's your decision to make whether you are going to follow it or not. I'm writing this based on my experiences and things I saw and heard during those 2 years and I hope you won't do the mistakes we did and wish you good luck in following your dreams.. :)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Elephants cows and hens

Lately the death (actually a murder) of the famous tusker " Dalaputtuwa" was the hot topic on media.On social media there were two major groups of people arguing about the death on 2 different perspectives. First group was the people who comment about the death ( The killers should be hanged to death ..!!!) while tasting kfc chicken. The second group are vegetarians and people who are constantly  talking about animal rights. Let me remind you first about the country and people who are living here.. Last year the credit card machine of a famous supermarket was not working and there was a man who was blaming the president of the country for it... What can he do about that? People are really stupid and they only see what they have in front of their eyes (Some people don't even see that). Nowadays buying a phone with an internet connection is not a big deal,so every simon and john transforms their thoughts into words and type those on social media. With that it mind lets go deep into this topic.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why it's illegal to take photos of the Eiffel tower at night ?

Eiffel tower, the creation of Gustav Eiffel is a cultural icon of France. Almost everyone who goes to France do not forget to take a photograph with the Eiffel tower, but did you know that it is illegal to take photos at night ? Most probably you don't and that why you are reading this post now...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Useful links to score more in electromagnetic theory...

Last time I did a whole article on Biochemistry,but now I'm running out of time. Therefore I will just mention good videos and articles I have gone through so far for EM theory. Feel free to comment if you know some other useful links and I will be updating this post whenever I come across a new one. Thank you..!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ace biochemistry exam last minute...!!!

Most people think that biochemistry is so hard just by looking at those big scientific words. Even I used to think that it's a really big deal to learn biochem. Actually it's not. It's the most fascinating subject I've ever learned. Biochem is biology + chemistry. And it gave me answers to some of the questions I always had and was not satisfied with the answers given by teachers in my freshman year. Why starch gives a blue colour and also a brown colour with iodine? Many people will talk about complexes etc, but the real reason is something else. Learning biochem is so difficult when you look at it like it's the most difficult thing ever. Just relax and start from the 1st page. When there are terms you don't know surf net and you'll see there are so many videos and articles. Guess what, sometimes they contain some cheats too. I'm still studying it so I will post the useful sites I came across so far and I will update this post from time to time when I come across more resources. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A tasty and nutritious 10 minutes recipe for exams...

When there’s an exam next week and you need more and more time to study we tend to skip meals which is not good for our health and of course our brain. For our brain to function well   ( and memorize all the things we study) we need nutrition. You can have it as a main meal coz eggs will keep you full. Even though you don’t have an exam you should try this for 2 reasons.
0        01.  This helped me to lose weight
0        02.   Its yummy

This is a recipe inspired from scrambled eggs and Korean egg roles. So lets get this done.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A lesson from cannibals...

The latest news to hit the headlines of major newspapers was about a cannibal couple who practiced cannibalism for 19 years. Cannibalism is defined as a specie consuming all the parts of another individual of the same specie. Cannibalism in humans is not something new. There is evidence that it happened even 600,000 years ago. Even though it never occurred to me, the witch in "Hansel and Gretel" is also a cannibal. So is there really anything we can learn from cannibals? FYI I am not a cannibal...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Lone guitarist...

Time : 5.42pm
Date : 31st July 2017
Place: Faculty of science, University of Colombo

Enjoying solitude, that's what I was doing until I heard a guitar... Yeah, a guitar... In the heart of the Sci Fac a guitar.. I looked around and  spotted a guy playing a guitar... His eyes were closed as if he's admiring his own play... He was making music... though I didn't know the words of his song, it perfectly matched the environment.. a perfect background music, that's how I felt.. Memories  came flooding back, a flashback of my life.. Then I heard the voice, that voice of the North Korean defector I listened to, in the morning.. " In the rest of the world people are so stressed because they go after materialistic things, Even when I was starving in North Korea I was happy."

Friday, July 7, 2017

Why you should know the meaning of your name?

It occurred to me today that some people don't know the meaning of their names and they don't think it's something that important to know the meaning of your name. Is that really something useless? We will dig some information today before jumping into conclusions :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Six cool apps I use..

The 4th in popular list is about my phone.( If you still didn't read it click HERE).. So today I'm gonna introduce you,some cool apps I use always. They will entertain you and also educate you in the same time.