Friday, September 25, 2015

The heaven on earth,Nami Island...

If you ask me what is your favourite place on earth,probably my answer will be Nami island.No,I have never been to Nami,But it's my dream to go there oneday,when I'm rich enough :)

Then how come I know about this place?Well thanks to my dad i got to know about this wonderful place.He went there about 2 month ago,and I saw his videos and read the books he bought.I'm sure if you keep reading this series of posts about Nami island,in the end you will also fall in love with nami island ,like I did. <3 <3 <3

This is just a brief introduction about Nami Island,just to have an idea about this lovely place,coz i will tell you more,in next posts...

Nami island is a half moon shaped tiny island in the middle of Han river,with an area of 460,000 square metres.It's named after General Nami,a notable figure in Korean History.

Nami is a unique place where nature,culture and freedom come together and as Mr. Kang Woo Hyon,the vice chairman of Nami island says
   "The instant Nami becomes a special place 
                                                                  for you,
     You become a special individual on Nami."

What is so special about this small island?

There are so many.And let me tell you a few..

First of all it's all about recycling.We should appreciate the hard effort of Nami employees for making Nami island what it is today.
It is amazing to see how they have transformed a huge garbage dump(approximately 3500 tons) to Korea's most successful tourist destination.

Also this is the best place to put a full stop to your tiresome life,and enjoy the voice of mother nature,to listen to the murmuring of wind,to forget your sorrows and have a refreshing start..

There are numerous great and beautiful sceneries for photographers,especially I highly recommend Nami Island as the best location for wedding pre shoots,A place to share the most beautiful memories of your life..

If you ask frequent visitors of Nami "Why is it that you come here so often?" then their answer will be "Each time I come It's different" .So it does. That's so special about Nami,and it's one of Nami Island's must see elements.The life energy of the spring,the tree shades of the summer,the crimson foliage of the autumn,born fires and icicles in the winter are what makes alot of frequent visitors to the Nami island.

So i guess that's enough for today.You want to know more?You have to wait till i publish my next post :)  Enjoy this post about  dreamland Nami  till i come back with more...


Now you can read my next post about how your dream of flying can become true in Nami island..

Special thanks 

to my dad in the first place for letting me know that such a nice place exists,
and secondly to Mr.kyung hyuk minn,the executive director of Nami Island and  the admin of the Nami Island Facebook page for sending me those beautiful pictures of Nami Island.

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